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Delivered to every known Jewish household in central Iowa, the Jewish Press celebrates the vitality of our Jewish community. It seeks to inform readers of news from our congregations, community events and life cycle milestones of community members.

Inside This Issue:

  • Community High Holiday Worship Schedules
  • Beit Sefer Shalom School Calendar
  • JNF Educators’ Trip to Israel Articles
  • IJHS Holocaust Survivor Events


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Past Issues

Summer 2019

Inside This Issue:

  • First Ever Chef du Jour
  • Ambassador Dermer Visits Des Moines
  • Beckerman Iowa Cubs Feature
  • Ames Jewish Congregation Feature

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Spring 2019

Inside This Issue:

  • In the Kitchen With Dick Kirsner
  • David Wolnerman Visits Fifth Grade
  • Beit Sefer High School Program
  • IJHS Oral History Exhibit

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Winter 2018

Inside This Issue:

  • Fighting to End Hunger
  • Harold Kasimow Feature
  • Dori Weinstein Feature
  • Drake Hillel Updates
  • Chai Mitzvah Updates

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Fall 2018

Inside This Issue:

  • Community High Holiday Schedules
  • Torah Talk
  • Chef de Jour
  • Chai Mitzvah Series
  • Ambassador Shapiro Event

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