Partnership2Gether LogoThe Jewish Agency’s Partnership2Gether platform (P2G, previously known as Partnership 2000) has become the paradigm for successfully partnering global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities—the majority of which are in national priority areas.

An extraordinary global platform connecting some 550 communities around the world in 45 partnerships, P2G is building living bridges among these communities. Sharing ideas, strengths, challenges and models of success as well as empowering BOTH communities to generate waves of change. But the impact of these projects goes far beyond the community level—each of us has the opportunity to become directly and personally involved.

More than 300,000 participants from Israel and the overseas communities take part in some 500 programs each year, with P2G’s annual budget at $25 million.

Early Beginnings

When it was established in 1994 by the Jewish Agency, United Jewish Communities, and Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal, Partnership 2000 represented a major transition from the Project Renewal-twinning model, which focused on transforming disadvantaged communities through building physical and social infrastructure. Now, we’re building community and leadership.

A Collaborative Exchange

A local endeavor with national impact, each P2G partnership provides the opportunity for communities to connect and interpersonal relationships to flourish. Through a shared committee process of the partnered communities, every year more than 10,000 volunteers work together to examine issues and responses, to determine projects and budgets. The principal areas of involvement within the individual partnership regions are effecting change in education and fostering economic development.

One of the most exciting and far-reaching aspects of P2G is the mutuality of impact. Volunteers from abroad that come to Israel to be involved in this process return to strengthen their own communities. Today, we are innovating to align P2G with evolving changes in Israeli society. Transforming P2G into a volunteer-driven leadership process in Israel that will provide an extraordinary foundation for Israel’s emerging volunteer sector.

Get Involved

Through P2G, members of the Des Moines Jewish community have many opportunities to meet and get to know Israelis living in our sister region, the Western Galilee. Over the past few years, young Israeli musicians, teachers and physicians have visited in Des Moines, and we have, on every Israel Mission, deepened our friendship with the people in our sister region.

The purpose of Partnership2Gether is to build personal relationships and to work in partnership, providing funds from our All-In-One Campaign to assist with cultural, social service, and economic development programming. Along with Des Moines, there are 13 other Jewish American communities that work together in partnership with the leadership in the Western Galilee. Come get involved in this on-going adventure and see the latest news on the program’s Facebook page.

Partnership2gether Map

SOURCE: The Jewish Agency. See Additional Maps.