Behind the Scenes at Caspe by Bob Carpenter

Thank you to the Federation staff for hosting the last fall’s “Behind the Scenes at the Federation” event.  The agency heads gave a great overview of how each Federation agency contributes to meeting the diverse needs of our Jewish community.  Many of our Jewish community benefit from the Federation programs, but we often experience only one or two facets of the Federation. 

The Federation agency programs reach far within our community at large.  I encourage everyone to attend the next “Behind the Scenes” program on March 25, 2020 at 5:30pm.  Learn more about what the Federation departments are currently doing to address the changing needs and interests of different generations both in our Jewish community and the greater community at large.   

Our Greater Des Moines central Iowa Jewish community is in constant transition.  Many of my children’s generation who grew up in Des Moines have moved away for their careers.  Fortunately, many others have moved to our community for their own careers.  It is critically important to have a vibrant Jewish Federation to not only serve our current residents, but also as an attraction to newcomers who may choose to move to central Iowa. 

In our constantly changing transient world, the Jewish Federation is a crucial link between our synagogues, the Jewish community, and the Greater Des Moines community at large.

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