Celebrate Tu BiShevat!


Feb 2023

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This Sunday evening and Monday (February 5-6, 2023) is the festival of Tu BiShevat. Named after its Hebrew date (the 15th of Shevat), the day served as way to help farmers count time regarding certain agricultural laws. It is one of the four “New Years Days” on the Hebrew calendar. In medieval times, it was given special significance by Kabbalists, the Jewish mystics. In more recent years, it has been celebrated as a Zionist holiday, supporting the trees and agriculture in the Land of Israel.

On this day, many people share a Tu BiShevat Seder, modeled after the Passover Seder. This seder includes four cups of wine, each cup becoming darker, representing the four seasons. Different fruits from the trees accompany each cup. People may also plant trees on Tu BiShevat.

To learn more about the holiday and some of its traditional sources, please click here. To have a tree planted in Israel through the Jewish National Fund, please click here.

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