Our Jewish Cookbook

IJHS CookbookCookbooks have long been viewed as works of history. The collections of the Iowa Jewish Historical Society house numerous cookbooks, recipe cards, kitchen utensils, cupboards, aprons, and even an enamelware cup manufactured at the Schindler factory, where so many Jewish lives were saved. To continue this legacy, we published our first Jewish cookbook, Beyond Matzo Balls: Celebrating 100 Years of Jewish Cooking in Iowa.

What’s Inside

The book features a collection of Kosher and Kosher-style recipes from 138 contributors who shared their favorite family recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, meat, poultry, desserts, and more.  Some of the recipes are left in the words of the contributor in order to preserve its particular history while others were edited to conform to today’s standards.

Many of these recipes have been passed down for generations and across continents. They are a link to our family histories and survival. Claudia Roden said it best in The Book of Jewish Food:

“Dishes are important because they are a link with the past, a celebration of roots, a symbol of continuity. They are that part of immigrant culture which survives the longest, kept up even when clothing, music, language and religious observance has been abandoned.”

Our hope is that you will use these recipes as a launching pad to start your own family traditions, preserving them for future generations of Iowa Jews and for everyone interested in Jewish food and culture. For more information about Jewish cooking, plan a visit to the Food in Jewish Life exhibit at the IJHS museum.

How to Purchase a Cookbook

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