Camp Schedule

At Engman Camp Shalom, we create spirit! Our camp schedule runs Monday through Friday each week, and your child will enjoy full days of activities from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Campers are welcome to come for the whole season, a single week, or multiple weeks throughout the summer. For extra flexibility, we also offer before and after care as well as transportation services.

2024 Camp Schedule

We can’t wait to see your children at camp this summer. If you’re thinking about sending your child to camp, explore our weekly themes and field trips. To learn more about our daily routine at the Caspe Terrace campus, be sure to check out our typical camp activities. Each week has been assigned a theme and a Jewish value (middah) that will be infused in daily activities.


Field Trip: Bowling

Jewish Value (Middah): Compassion | rachamim | רחמים


Field Trip: Skate Park

Jewish Value (Middah): Pursuit of Peace | rodef shalom | רודף שלום

The Great Outdoors

Field Trip: Raccoon River State Park

Jewish Value (Middah): Reverence and Awe| yirah | יראה

Around the World

Field Trip: Adventureland*

Jewish Value (Middah): Wonder | malchut | מלכות

*note: there is a premium cost for this week due to the field trip

Cooking Up a Storm

Field Trip: Pool

Jewish Value (Middah): Discipline and Will Power | gevurah | גבורה

*Note this is a three day week with a reduced price as Thursday, July 4 is Independence Day.


Field Trip: Get Air

Jewish Value (Middah): Leadership | manhigut | מנהיגות

Olympics (with Jr. Menace)

Field Trip: Mid-American Energy RecPlex

Jewish Value (Middah): Perseverance and Grit | netzach | נצח

Jr. Menace Soccer Camp will run in the mornings from Monday-Thursday.

Music Makers

Field Trip: Movie

Jewish Value (Middah): Contentment | histapkot | הסתפקות

Animal Planet

Field Trip: Blank Park Zoo

Jewish Value (Middah): Love | ahavah | אהבה

Science and Space

Field Trip: Science Center of Iowa

Jewish Value (Middah): Understanding | binah | בינה

Let’s Get Creative

No field trip this week. Instead, we will have a Carnival at Caspe!

Jewish Value (Middah): Creativity | yetziratiut | יצירתיות

Note: no transportation or before/after care offered this week.