Classroom Participation

Our Jewish Curriculum

Everything grows better in Iowa! At Beit Sefer Shalom, our children develop a solid foundation for learning. With our first-class Jewish curriculum, they expand their knowledge of Judaism and strengthen their Jewish identity and sense of community.

Curriculum Overview

Values, customs, holidays, Hebrew, and lessons from the Torah are integral components of our program. For each grade level, we have lesson plans that cover the following core areas:

  • Holidays and Symbols
  • Prayer and God
  • Hebrew
  • Jewish Values
  • Jewish Customs and Practices
  • Bible and History
  • Israel
  • Art and Culture
  • Tolerance and Diversity

Our Classrooms

For the 2023-2024 school year, we’re offering individual classrooms for Pre-K (including 2 and 3-year-olds) through sixth grade. The seventh and eighth-grade classes will be combined and all high school grades (9-12th) are also combined. Learn more about the core areas of our Jewish curriculum for each grade level:

Contact Us

For questions about the school and our curriculum, please contact Sophie Homonoff, our Director of Education, at 515-987-0899 ext. 221 or