Woman reading to a group of kids

PJ Library

PJ Library LogoPJ Library is an international program that provides books, music and more for Jewish and interfaith families with children from 6 months all the way up to 9 years old.

When you participate, you’ll receive an age-appropriate book each month that celebrates Jewish culture and values at no cost. Through generous funding from the Larry S. Pidgeon Endowed Fund for Books, PJ Library books are provided free of charge to Central Iowa children.

PJ Our Way

PJ Our Way LogoFor Jewish children ages 9 to 11, PJ Our Way is an extension of the PJ Library that gives your child the option to select a book each month to be mailed to them. They can even review the book online and access related educational resources on the PJ Our Way website.

What Our Families Say

Here’s what parents have to say about their children’s experience with PJ Library:

“The PJ Library has been a wonderful addition to our bedtime reading routine. Jewish culture and tradition in entertaining stories are what we look forward to receiving every month!”

“When we began enjoying PJ Library my son was not yet an independent reader… He would snuggle in my lap, turn the pages, look at the beautiful pictures and enjoy discussing the theme of the story. He loved talking about the holidays, hearing stories about Jewish children from near and far, and learning about Jewish traditions. Now, several years later, my son enjoys reading on his own, but his joy at getting a PJ Library package has not waned.”

“We live in Iowa where there are not many Jewish children in his public school or after-school activities. But the books from PJ Library have shown my son that there are Jewish people all around the world, Jewish traditions from thousands of years ago that we still follow today and that he is connected to a rich heritage that he can be proud of.”

How to Get Started with the PJ Library

There is no cost to participate! To join our PJ Library community, including PJ Our Way, sign up online. If you have any questions, please contact Jody Ingersoll at jody@jewishdesmoines.org.

Both the PJ Library and PJ Our Way are projects of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, which works to create opportunities to connect with Judaism and the Jewish community at key life moments.