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Parent Resources

Thank you for sharing your child with us at Gan Shalom Preschool. Our teachers enjoy the opportunity to help them learn and thrive each week. To help you stay connected with the school, use the following resources for parents.

School Calendar

Wondering when school is closed or when there are special events? To learn more about our flexible scheduling, including before and after school care, visit our Schedule page or check our calendar.

Tips for Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Bring something familiar. A laminated family portrait that an older child can hold onto.
  • Create a goodbye ritual. Create a consistent goodbye ritual to create a fuss-free drop-off. That might mean giving a high-five, saying, “I love you,” or a kiss on both cheeks — whatever feels natural to the parent and child. This daily sendoff helps set a “limit for yourself too,” so you won’t be tempted to linger at the door, making the goodbye harder for you both.
  • Talk it through. You can say, “Starting tomorrow, we’re going to drop you off at so-and-so’s and there are going to be other friends there, and you’re going to have lunch and play with these toys, and then after naptime and snack, I’m going to come pick you up.”

Social Media

Follow along with our posts on Facebook and find lunch ideas and tips on our Pinterest page that adhere to our school guidelines.


We ask that students come with a kosher dairy/vegetarian lunch each day. Check out our nutrition page for lunch ideas. Healthy and Kosher snacks are provided each morning and afternoon. See a sample menu and review our food guidelines.

Parent Advisory Committee

Parent involvement strengthens our school and sense of community, and we look forward to partnering with you in the growth and development of your child. Parents are encouraged to serve or volunteer with our Parent Advisory Committee in order to:

  • Provide additional opportunities for communication between staff and parents
  • Give a voice to parental ideas and opinions
  • Encourage parent education events
  • Allow parents as much involvement in the life of the school as their time and schedules permit

This group organizes itself each year and functions in much the same way as a school PTA, as a forum for planning and brainstorming ideas, as well as a volunteer organization for classroom projects and participating in holidays and special events. Meetings are scheduled according to members’ schedules. In the past, our PAC has helped with field trips, book fairs, fundraisers, and other special events.

A Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) was established for the current school year. We are currently looking for members as well as a new Jewish Federation Board Representative for Gan Shalom. Please email if you are interested in serving.

Contact Us

For questions about the school or our programs, please reach out to us anytime at 515-987-0899 ext. 221 or at