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imageOur vision: Gan Shalom offers children and their families an opportunity to build a foundation for learning—both academically and spiritually.

Philosophy: Gan Shalom provides a child-entered approach that follows the best-of-the-best early education philosophies, underpinned by Jewish values. Everything grows better in Iowa. At Gan Shalom your child will develop a solid foundation for learning, the confidence to explore, and the self-esteem that will strengthen their emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development.

Children learn while they play. Gan Shalom offers children hands-on, age-appropriate learning opportunities. Daily activities in small group settings teach children how to be part of a group, to share, and to become a friend. Our curriculum fosters discovery, creativity, and independence, and encourages questioning facilitated by professionals specializing in early childhood education.

Nurturing the body nurtures the mind. The Caspe Terrace campus provides ample opportunity for your child to stretch their muscles. Indoors, there is a dedicated craft room, library media center, and gross motor activity room. Outdoors, children enjoy hiking, exploring, navigating trikes, and climbing on our state-of-the-art playground structure. Morning and afternoon snacks are fresh, nutritious, and Kosher. Every Monday and Thursday a hot, dairy lunch is provided, on the other days children are asked to bring a dairy lunch from home. Lunch guidelines are provided to families to ensure children are receiving the nutrition their growing bodies need.

Judaism is a way of life. Gan Shalom is a Jewish-based preschool. Hebrew, holidays, customs and values are integrated into daily activities. Stories, music, singing, dancing, cooking, art projects and special Shabbat programs are featured each week in all of our classrooms. Area clergy actively participate in your child’s Jewish journey.

Leadership:Heading up curriculum, administration and planning for Gan Shalom is Anissa Deay, Preschool Director and Sophie Homonoff, Director of Education of the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines. The melding of their expertise in early childhood education and Judaic studies allow us to offer children and families an amazing and appropriate experience.



Gan Shalom has been a wonderful experience for our two children. They wake up eager to go to school... The small environment allows the children to participate in so many wonderful learning experiences and relationships. Our family LOVES the teachers, experiences and atmosphere at Gan Shalom.

My girls are having such an amazing year. They even ask me if they "can go to school" on the weekends.

During our time at Gan Shalom, we have been so impressed with the curriculum, the beautiful facilities, and the enrichment activities offered. Our son has been able to dig in the garden, play soccer with the Menace Soccer players, watch the Belin String Quartet at school, and participate in so many other activities. We are very thankful that we found Gan Shalom and its phenomenal staff, and that our son has become part of the family there!

Gan Shalom is the place where my children love to go every day. It is their second home, where their love for learning grows, curiosity is inspired and their academic and social emotional needs are met. The teachers and administrators build on the capacities of every child promoting a culture of achievement were every child is joyful, creative, caring, knowledgeable and appreciative of their own learning experiences.

Gan Shalom is a wonderful, nurturing environment for our son. Caring teachers, top-notch support staff, and excellent facilities make for a consistently positive experience. Thank you for providing a safe and welcoming setting for our son to learn and grow!

Parent Advisory Board

Gan Shalom Board Chair is Marsha Wiggins

Our Parent Advisory Board was formed at the school’s inception and serves as a sounding board for the Center Director as well as an advisory committee on issues requiring parent input. Parents on the Advisory Board represent the diversity within our community and must have a child enrolled in our school. The Advisory Board is made up of three parent teams.

Important Contact Information

General Inquiries:

Director of Education:

Sophie Homonoff 515-987-0899 x 221

Pre-School Director:

Anissa Deay 515-987-0899 x 233

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